Austria 2, Canada 0 before 10,000 fans

Clemens Doppler, Austria - "It was a very good game for us. Serving is our weapon and we used it very well, being aggressive on it. We were also very consistent on our side out and we fought for every ball. I think today it was very hard to play against us. But the most important thing is to have fun on the court. When that happens, you play more relaxed and that is what we did. This is our goal, to have fun and enjoy this amazing atmosphere".

Alexander Horst, Austria - "We have a perfect start so far, two games, two 2-0 wins. Although, it was hard for us because we did not know much about our opponents and it is not easy to play against a team you do not know. We controlled the game with our serve and a good side out and if we play like this we can beat any team. We can always do things better, but in the end we can definitely be pleased about what we did today".  

Aaron Nusbaum, Canada - "It was amazing to be on center court. This was the biggest crowd we have ever played in front of and it took us a while to settle in and forget about the surroundings. But I think they played a really good match. They executed really well and I think we need to absorb the pressure a little bit better to be closer to them, which we did in the end, but it was too late".

Ryan Vanderburg, Canada - "We started slow. It's not easy to play in front of this big crowd and against a very experienced team, which has been Austria's best team for years. It took us a little bit to catch up. We played well in the second half but they played a little bit better on that set and we just got to shake it off and go to the next one".


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