Brazil defeats Canada 2-1 for bronze medal

Talita Antunes, Brazil - "We played well for the entire tournament, except the semifinal's second set, so I think we deserved the bronze medal. We fought until the end on this match and it was not easy. We never gave up and that was what made us win the match".

"They are a very strong team and are beating everyone in the World Tour. We played perfectly in the first set, but they came back in the second very strongly. They also had a good start in the third set, but we kept our focus and that's why we managed to get the win".

"The event was amazing. I'm obviously not a 100% satisfied because the goal was to win the tournament, but I'm pleased about what we showed here. We go home happy because of the bronze medal".

Larissa França, Brazil - "I'm really happy. It was a special match for us because of the history we have together and we wanted to reward our efforts over the last three years with a medal. It's a special feeling, a really emotional one, and I'll celebrate as if it was a gold medal".

"We did what we always do, which is playing as a team. We failed on that in a portion of the semifinal, made several wrong choices and paid a really high price for it. But today we were really locked in. We played together all the time and never gave up. They had 5-0 in the third set and we looked at each other and said 'okay, we can also score five points in a row'. And that's how we turned things around and won the match".

"It was amazing event. A really special tournament, where every athlete wanted to be. And we'll be in the podium, so it means a lot. The best players of the world were here". 

Melissa Humana-Paredes, Canada – “Really disappointed that we couldn’t close that out but I think we showed really great resilience in that game to come back from such a bad first set. I’m really proud of our fight. In the second we wanted to come out and forget about the first set, start over and play the way we can play. We did that, we just kind of went back to how we can play and we had nothing to lose, so we just played free without any pressure and stress and it worked. We got off to a good start in the third and they just weren’t going to give up. Larissa and Talita, they’re a real experienced team, they weren’t going to go out without a fight. We let that go for sure. Third sets, you always start from scratch again so it’s whoever is mentally ready at that point. And you have swings in third sets, it’s just whoever can manage it, be most consistent for sure. The last few weeks have been an incredible amount of perseverance and team growth and personal growth. We’ve learned so much from this. It’s been an amazing time to be here in Vienna, it’s been an incredible tournament. Even though we finished just off the podium, we won’t forget it.”

Sarah Pavan, Canada – “It’s very disappointing, there is no absolutely excuse.  We led 5-0 in the third and lost, we just didn’t take care of it.  I don’t know if we relaxed and thought ‘oh, we got this.”  I don’t know if we took a breath for a second, but we needed to keep the pressure on.  We let them off the hook.  Our serve receive got a little messy.  At the moment it’s hard to see the positives.  We’ve only played seven tournaments together, and we’ve had a really good season overall.  Our future together is very bright and it’s exciting because I know we can get a lot better.  Melissa is a great player and this is her first season playing on the left side.  It was a really good experience overall, it was a great event.  We played well, unfortunately we didn’t at the very end.  It was a great atmosphere on centre court and hopefully we’ll get to experience it again."


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