Volleyball Your Way ends successful week in Vienna

Vienna, Austria, August 6, 2017 – This Sunday Austrian beach volleyball fans say goodbye to what were ten amazing days with the 2017 FIVB World Championships being disputed in Vienna. But besides watching the crowning of new world champions, they also had the opportunity to play volleyball in several different forms on the Volleyball Your Way courts at the Danube Island.

The space hosted over 4,000 people over the last two weeks, providing the fans almost 100 hours of fun through 12 different kinds of activities.

Volleyball Your Way courts also offered volleyball lovers a unique opportunity of meeting, interacting and even playing with their idols since almost 40 athletes, including Olympic and world champions, took part in some of the events here. 

The courts were, above everything, a space where families could get together and enjoy volleyball in all of its forms. That was the case for the Freys. Led by the 66-year-old Franz, his sons Martin, 15, and Daniel, 10, had a really good time playing on one of the courts with a group of friends.

“I had never played volleyball before, but we saw the courts when we arrived and decided to play,” he said. “It was funny, it was a very pleasant way to spend some time with my kids.”

The Troy family also had a lot of fun on the sand. Encouraged by Dunja, who played volleyball professionally in Austria, her husband Jurgen and their eight-year-old son Niklus spent some time on the sand courts.

The family was lucky to be teamed with Brazilian stars Larissa Franca and Talita Antunes, who joined the public for a spirited session.

“It was the first time Niklus played volleyball,” Dunja commented. “I was surprised by how excited he was, diving on the sand and all. He was really happy to play with these great players, who were also very kind to all of us.”


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